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Explore Your Hometown

Explore Dallas, Dallas, Texas, DFW

As a frequent traveler, it’s easy to get so caught up in seeing new places, that you lose appreciation for what’s in your backyard.  Like, when was the last time that you even thought about how fun it could be to explore your hometown? 

I was like that with Dallas/Fort Worth. As a native of the area, I always thought that the surrounding cities were too familiar and boring. When given the option between traveling and staying in town, I would always pick travel. It wasn’t until I started dating my then boyfriend (now husband) that I realized what my hometown really has to offer.

As someone who was new to the area, my husband wanted to see everything. He was always finding new activities and new restaurants for us to experience together. He would read about all of the best events and must do excursions, and we would do those things. It was at that time that I realized just how awesome Texas and the DFW Metroplex really are. I gained a new appreciation for my little neck of the world. I began to see my old stomping grounds as cool again.

Sometimes, exploring your own backyards can be just as fun as traveling to a new place. Even if you think you’ve seen everything around, you probably haven’t.

Keep exploring

Just Drive
My husband and I do this thing where we get in the car with no destination in mind and just drive. We stumble upon unfamiliar areas and randomly stop at new restaurants to eat. We’ve discovered some neat places doing this. Parts of the city that we didn’t even know existed and food that we never realized we were missing out on.

Take a city tour
I know, I know, the idea of taking a city tour in your own hometown seems cheesy. However, I can guarantee you’ll see your city in a new light afterward. Check Google for city tours. Whether it’s by Segway, bike, or bus, there is a way to see your local area in a whole new light.

Attend a local cultural event
Over the past few weeks, I’ve been to a Greek Food Festival and a French Wine Festival. I’ve been able to experience different cultures and cuisine without traveling more than 25 miles from my house.

Check out the museums
Most cities have a museum.  Art, science, history – there are so many different types of museums you can visit.  Plus, this is the best place to go to learn more about your hometown and its interesting (or not so interesting) past.

Join a Meetup group
Sometimes the best recommendations come from other people. Join a Meetup group in your area. Find groups of people that share the same interests and be introduced to places around your town that you’ve never been to before.

These are just some of the things you can do to experience your hometown in a new way.  What types of things have you done to experience your local area in a different way?


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